Design Mentor at European Innovation Academy Turin 2017

I am excited to have joined the second edition of the European Innovation Academy as Design Mentor.

EIA is the World’S Largest Extreme Accelerator for digital innovations developed together with professionals of world class partners, universities and companies: UC Berkley, Google, FCA, Intesa San Paolo, Stanford University, Qatar Science & Technology Park and many more.

The accelerator had over 600 participants and 100 mentors from 70+ countries. Together we have developed 95 innovative startups in just three weeks. Most of the team has developed App because the young entrepreneurs are in their 20’s and are “mobile native”.

Transforming ideas into innovative businesses

This is the ambitious goal of EIA that began in Turin at Politecnico Lingotto on July 10th.

As Design Mentor my goal was to transfer the importance of an immersive and innovative user experience, the goal of a brand identity and how to create effective landing pages. In short time the teams had to develop design, graphic, coding, marketing and management skills.

Design Mentor for 14 teams / 70 young entrepreneurs to support!

In the first week the participants had identified the needs, the customer segments and the benefits supervised by the Chief Mentors. During the second the teams created the product or service with the support of us Design Mentors, Marketing, IT, Hardware Mentors. And in the last week the young entrepreneurs developed presentation skills by refining the pitches for the presentation to the investors.

On the last day, July 28th, 41 ideas selected by the mentors, were presented at the pitch carousel to the investors who has awarded the best 10.

Best 10 EIA Turin 2017

The idea, born in Turin’s Politecnico, is to create reality-enhanced catalogs for companies in order to show the design and the potential of their products.

Fish to fish
The project is based on an innovative and intelligent way to measure in the fish harmful heavy metals such as mercury. The technology at the base of the project, which provides a very fast and cost-effective system for analyzing fish samples, was tested at a first stage by the Università degli Studi di Torino.

To solve the problem of digital divide in disadvantaged areas. The team developed the idea of a self-generating webcast network, made up of flexible and inexpensive antennas that make it easy and automatically creating “meshes” to bring access to the Internet where connectivity is slow or absent. I am glad that one of my team has been awarded!

Totem is an app to find the consumer exactly what he wants, thanks to artificial intelligence. Classify everything about food, movies, music, sports, technology, and many other areas, and tailor the customer’s tastes to show them more easily and precisely what might be of interest to you.

The technology proposed by the team, developed at a first stage by the Politecnico di Torino, proposes an active control system for tire pressure on vehicles, to improve fuel consumption and road safety.

Work & Go
Work & Go is an application that connects companies and workers who are willing to work for a few hours in free time. The service meets the needs of companies, especially local and small, of help at peak times and helps students find small jobs.

The team designed a boat equipped with artificial intelligence to clean water from pollutants. Through a robot, the system combines waste collection, degradation of pollutants, electricity generation, water quality monitoring and navigation.

The team intends to link companies that want to display virtual reality ads with developers who want to monetize their content, suggesting content display to potentially affected users.

An enhanced reality software that allows a person to see how their clothes will adapt to their body. The system will bring greater customer satisfaction and considerable savings for the online clothing company by reducing return shipping costs.

Cardio Guard
A real-time electrocardiogram monitoring device developed from a research made at the Politecnico di Torino. With the use of this wearable technology in hospitals, three factors will decrease: the cost of care, the rates and the duration of the hospitalization and the probability of a second cardiac problem.

Roadside Rescue
An App to solve the problem of the lack of quick and efficient roadside assistance in the event of vehicle failure. The app provides a full-service from chauffeur service to mechanic assistance.

me and Diego D’Aquilio, Marketing Mentor

The amazing experience as design mentor is finished just one day ago and I miss it already. I met awesome entrepreneurs, students and mentors, from all over the world. Every day has been a learning experience.

I am glad i could bring my design experience developed in True Flava as Design Director. Look forward for the next edition!

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